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Form Linear Design

The international perspective regarding form-linear design is somewhat different to the traditional British concept.

By studying the key characteristics of form-linear design explained in this booklet, florists can develop their understanding and discover new possibilities for exploring the design process.

The aim in trying to achieve a common international understanding of the form-linear design concept is not to produce homogenised Middle-European designs without a local or national identity. Rather, by agreeing a common definition of what form-linear design is, the floral designer can clearly distinguish between the three main design styles: Form-Linear, Decorative, and Vegetative; thereby increasing design opportunities and possibilities for individual interpretation and avoiding the confusion that arises when the design process is unclear.

In addition to exploring the form-linear design style, this booklet attempts to provide clear guidance on how to select and modify the proportions of a design. In Britain we traditionally use 1/3 to 2/3 proportions, whilst elsewhere in Europe the proportional relationship 3:5:8 is more commonly used. The similarities and differences between these proportions can appear confusing and until now it has been difficult to find a clear explanation of their use and application within the context of British floristry.

Form-linear designs are predominantly asymmetrical and therefore a thorough understanding of proportional relationships is essential if these designs are to be created successfully. The reader who wishes to further extend their understanding of form-linear design having read this booklet may wish to explore the parallels found in the Japanese art of floral design - Ikebana.

Compiled for use by Floristry Students, Qualified Florists, Tutors, Assessors, Judges & Examiners.
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