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About the 2018 Flower Agenda

The Flower Agenda for 2018, a campaign by our friends at the Flower Council of Holland, will again be placing a cut flower in the spotlight every month of the year throughout 2018. The campaign will provide stunning images along with inspiring and informative content.

About the Agenda.

  • This content tempts consumers to bring flowers into their home.
  • The Flower Agenda provides the press with an angle for sharing the fact that flowers bring lots of joy. 
  • The Flower Council of Hollands consumer facing website and social media pages will promote the agenda.
  • The Flower Agenda also offers breeders, growers and sales outlets a guide they can engage with throughout the year. 
  • We at the BFA will of course be backing the campaign with direct content to florists throughout the UK, look out for information in the Florists' newsletters, social media pages. We will also be promoting the campaing to flower lovers and consumers too.

Florists - Why should you embrace it & get involved?

Show your clients and prospects that you are at the cutting edge - they'll be seeing the information in glossy magazines, on social media will you too be sharing the information?

Its such a simple and great way for your business to communicate with your audience, promoting the flower of the month allows you to tempt others to enjoy the flower of the month by purchasing them from you. 


We have many ideas of how you can easily get involved click on the link below for more info now.

2018 Flower selection


January Tulip
February Freesia 
March Spring Flowers (Ranunculus, Anemone Leucospermum)
April Gerbera
May Calla  
June Peony
July Lily 
August Summer Flowers (Delphinium, Allium and Gladiolus)
September Chrysanthemum
October Rose
November Orchids (Vanda, Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium)
December Lisianthus 












Each flower of the month is featured on the BFA 2018 year wall planner recieved by every Members in the Autumn issue of the BFA Magazine.


New for 2018

Whilst the Flower Council of Holland provide excellent content and stunning images, they do not provide posters for the promotion of the flower of the month (only the plant of the month). We at the BFA will compile a selection of posters each month that you can download, print and use as you wish.


How is the agenda compiled? 

The list of flowers has been produced in collaboration with the product specialists at Royal FloraHolland. In making the selection, particular attention is paid to what flowers are of interest to the consumer (press) and when, and whether these fit with the zeitgeist. A diary format with a monthly floral star makes it easy for media and sales outlets to pick up on the campaign. 


Timely engagement

The list is being published now to give various sales channels and producers the opportunity to plan ahead and develop their own sales promotions. We will make the Flower Agenda content available as soon as possible after it’s produced so that third parties can make optimum use of it and share it with their target group. 

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