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College Membership

There are many advantages for a college offering training in floristry to be a member of the BFA. Not only will they benefit from the items listed below, but can have a close working relationship with the BFA Training and Education Director and group.

The list of benefits you will be entitled to will continually change and grow, but here are some for you to see: 

• Comprehensive college profile page listed ion our website
• Use of the BFA college logo on your website, stationary, social media etc. 
• BFA Florist Magazine – quarterly magazine free
• E-mail newsletter, keeping you informed of BFA and industry news
• Press releases of college and student activity published on the webiste*
• Discounted rates on bulk purchasing (10 copies) of The Professional Florists Manual for you & your college students
• Opportunities to get involved with BFA shows
• Opportunities to advertise on the BFA website
• Availability to attend BFA Vision's business conference
• Book demonstrators to demonstrate at your college
• Book judges to judge floristry competitions at your college through the UK Floristry Judges Guild
• Writing of competition schedules by the UK Floristry Judges Guild
• Discounts on competition entry fees
• Contact with the Chairman of the IoPF
• £30 discount off your first Florismart order
• On going 5% discount (in addition to gold card discounts) for all country baskets products
• 20% off your first Opiflor order and an on going 10% discount on an annual order
• Chrysal discount voucher
• 50% discount off set up fees for a Florist pro website
• Discounted rates for insurance
• Discounted rates for HR4UK 
• Discounted rates with the BFA Fuel Card Scheme
• Discounted rates for group booking of Fleurex tickets
• Opportunities for holding UK Worldskill heats
• Information to distribute to your students for WorldSkills
• Information to distribute to your students on Fleurex

Membership £250.00 
plus 20% VAT £ 50.00

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