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Corporate Membership Packages

The BFA welcomes manufactures, growers, wholesalers, suppliers, and service providers Worldwide no matter the size or location of your business, if you're part of the floristry industry, you need to be part of the association that represents it. If you supply business goods or services to businesses in the floristry industry, then business membership could help you reach over 1,000 business customers. Use of the BFA logo on your materials carries huge kudos among our members and shows them that you're a reputable partner that's invested in the success of their industry.

Reaching customers.

We can work with you to help you do business with our members. Access to our market research and BFA magazine will help to key you into the issues and topics in the industry and give you credibility in front of potential customers. You can also work with us on sponsorship or advertising opportunities around our events, awards, or publications to help get your message across. We expect high professional and ethical standards from our members, and if you hold these values similarly dearly then we'd love to work with you to deliver value to our members.

"I think if you're in the Floristry business, I don't know why you wouldn't join the BFA, because it's the go-to resource for everything you might need."

Please see the packages available below, and contact us directly to go through the opportunities available to your company, we’ll be pleased to guide you to a membership package that is best for you.

Corporate Membership - Standard  £250per annum + vat

This membership applies to a business or organisation that supplies goods, products and/or services to individual florist businesses on a local basis such as wholesalers, nurseries, flower farmers etc.

Corporate Membership - Premium £500per annum + vat 

Designed for manufacturers and sourcing companies supplying and/or promoting goods, products and/or services to individual florist businesses on a national basis such as wholesalers, website designers, importers/exporters and growers.

Corporate Membership -  Platinum £1500 per annum +vat

Please contact our association manager for further details of how this may suit your business. Call 024 75 090326 and selection option 1.

To see what included with each package click BFA Corporate Membership Breakdown





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