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Boosting Business with the Flower Agenda

How to use the Flower Agenda to your business advantage

Time required: 2 - 60 minutes

Ease: 1/5

Forethought: 2/5


Take things a step further and tempt your customers, this could be done most simply by using social media links with our consumer website page and  simply adding in your own message - how your business will be promoting a special offer e.g. Tulips for the week of 16th January (just so happens that's also National tulip day!)

A special offer on beautiful tulip bouquets, or a simple buy one get one half price on bunches? - only you know your clientele and what would work for your business, but do consider doing something.

What display would you have to promote this? A corner of the shop, decorating your A-board? Creating a funky window display with hanging dancing tulips?

Don't just consider this as a one off, go for it promote the flower agenda flowers throughout the year, show your business has it's finger on the pulse!  

Don't forget - These campaigns are promoted in a number of ways and will be featured in various glossy magazines and blogs that highlight the latest trends and home aspirations! - Let your customers encounter the same inspiring message they'll be seeing through these routes from your business, It doesn't take much effort, it's great fun and it is effective!


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