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Boosting Business with the Flower Agenda

How to use the Flower Agenda to your business advantage

Time required: 5 - 30 minutes

Ease: 2/5

Forethought: 3/5


Consider running competitions in conjunction with the campaigns - this can be along with other local businesses, or community magazines/social media sites

This has many good advantages, as well as good publicity it's a great way to build up a database you simply ask for their details for the opportunity to win....


  • A £40 bouquet of that months flower? see tip #5
  • One bunch of e.g Tulip in January every week of that month?
  • A vase design including the months flower - with the offer to always refill it free of charge - THEY buy the flowers but you'll put them in without a labour charge

Again tailor this for your business, but it's an easy way to generate more of your own marketing opportunities and along with it, increasing business.

As well as the flower of the month and the house plant of the month there is also the garden plant of the month, you can find detail of this on the Flower Council of Holland website



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