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Boosting Business with the Flower Agenda

How to use the Flower Agenda to your business advantage

Time required: 10 - 60 minutes

Ease: 3/5

Forethough: 3/5


So you have the flower of the month, now why not add it to your bouquet of the month?

Give it the prime location

Consider creating your very own 'Bouquet of the Month' and promote as much as you like!! Have the design made up and displayed in a prominent position in your shop and do this every month.

Website winner

Put the design on your website, once you've created the design have a photo taken, but do make sure your shot does the design justice!

Tips on the right shot

It doesn't have to cost the earth and may be something you can do perfectly well yourself.  If you're concerned about this and worry your shop won't be the best place to take the shot, try photographing the design outside, natural light can be very flattering, perhaps you can nestle it in a mossy spot in nearby woods?  
If your look is clean cut do you have a high end kitchen shop nearby - why not ask to use their show room? 
Do you have a relationship with a hotel, could you use one of their luxury spots?

Cash in on competitions

Chat with that local magazine again, can you run the competition every month in conjunction with giving them an article or quiz about the flower?  If you arrange this as a regular feature you may well find a photographer is happy to take the shot for a mention in the magazine.

No. 1 Seller

Up sell it! - If with each sales call you suggest your stunning 'Bouquet of the Month' might be the design the client is looking for you're probably likely to make it a top seller pretty quickly.  

Why not have the 'Luxury Bouquet of the Month' at £65 or the 'Exquisite Bouquet of the Month' theirs for just £95 ... heck, the skys the limit!

Savy buying

So you've calculated the pricing of your bouquet, using your shops set stem price for the content.... now see if you can get a great deal!  

 If your local supplier doesn't offer discounts when you buy e.g. 40 stems of the same variety of lily perhaps it's time you started looking at increasing your suppliers, to include one that will!   

We do hope these top tips have been helpful, now don't just say to yourself 'that's a good idea' DO IT!!


HELLO there!

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