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Florists - How to get involved 2.

British Flowers Week - FLY THE FLAG #2.

Use the logo, get the wall chart & tags

The British Flowers Week flag is free and quick to download. Why not post it on your website, attach it to your email signature or use it on flyers and posters?

You can get FREE British Flowers Week gift tags and double-sided A3 wall chart posters from our friends at The Paper Studio.

Simply order online at:

Order your poster and Tags.

Our friends and members at the Paper Studio are keen to help with the promotion of British Flowers and have printed A3  wall chart and window posters for your shop to highlight to your customers which flowers are British. If clients are faced with the option to buy British, lots will, using the posters let passers-by know and attract them to come in.

The paper studio will not only send you the wall charge but they'll also send you tags to go with your bouquets or bunches to promote them as 'British Flowers' entirely free of charge.

As soon as the 2019 posters are available we will let you know and then you can click on the images above or CLICK HERE to visit The Paper Studios page and sign up for these today. They also offer these tags personalised for your business, so you can promote not just the origin of the flowers, but your company too.

Know the next simple thing your company can do to truly benefit from the British flowers week by clicking below...



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