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Florists - How to get involved 3.

British Flowers Week - GET INVOLVED #3.

What works for your business?

Only you can consider how you can get involved and maximise exposure of the British flowers in your business this week...

Some simple ideas include:

  • The bouquet of the week, designs and create an all british bouquet, put in on your website, promote it in house.
  • Run a competition, in tip #4 we talk about how to contact the local media, even if you're just celebrating the week with a free prize draw to win a stunning British Flower Week is well worth shouting about, a great way to boost your database too. This can be run in shop, on your website, email out to your current database, put in on your social media channels! What's not to love, the publisity it can bring will be priceless! Ensure you use the #BritishFlowersWeek and see the exposure explode! (If you're concerned about GDPR rules click here for info.
  • Create a window display around the campaign
  • Do you create flowers for local hotels and restaurants? Get them involved, you can use British Flowers for their designs, but can you take it a step further? Will they run a competition on your behalf in celebration too, perhaps they'd add to the prize and want to get more involved themselves? Chat to them and see what could be done, excellent networking and shows your a forward thinking company too.
  • Could you run a demonstration in shop? or a simple workshop? Let your mind run and consider just how benefical this could be to promote British Flowers, but also your company!

Know the next simple thing your company can do to truly benefit from the British flowers week by clicking below...


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