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BFA and the International Organisation Florint

The BFA - British Florist Association is part of a far larger organisation known as Florint: The International Florist Organisation. Florint looks after the economic prosperity of its member countries Founded in Strasbourg in 1956 by a group of national florist associations, including Great Britain. The organisation was initially concerned with the growing integration of the European Union and its potential threats and opportunities. Initially known as the European Federation of Professional Florists (FEUPF, in short), it was renamed in 2009 to reflect a growing interest in membership from countries outside of Europe. With sixteen full member countries and a further seven affiliated ones the International Florist Organisation represents the interests of some 100,000 florists from Europe and beyond with a combined turnover of over 15 Billion Euros. FLORINT’s mission is to contribute to the development of the economical prosperity of its members including the BFA and the people involved in their independent florist businesses. The goals are to represent members' interests, especially to the European Commission; to contribute to the improvement of professionalism and craftsmanship; and to support and service the national member associations individually and collectively. The key tasks of Florint are;

  • 1. To position the strategic interests of the floral retail industry. Florint is the recognised representative body of the industry towards the European Commission and defends the interests of florists on the European level.
  • 2. To safeguard / promote healthy industrial development. Florint organises bi-annual European Competitions in floristry on a junior and senior level, Eurofleurs and Europa Cup. Competitions are an important source of innovation and a stimulus for professional development. FLORINT furthers the improvement of vocational training with initiatives like the development of the “European Master of Floral Design”.
  • 3. To create added value for the members. Various initiatives have been taken with investigations of relevant industry issues and enquiries into relevant items, stimulating the exchange of knowledge and ideas between members and associated partners.

In summary, Florint organises competitions, oversee training and education including judging standards, lobby governments, and bring together national florist associations from an ever increasing number of both European and non-European countries. Florint promotes an exchange of ideas and works together to ensure a strong voice for the industry sector in terms of promotion and future development. The Direction Committee (DC) is voted from the membership by the national associations and is currently made up of four directors a secretary and association manager. President, Mark Ward (Great Britain) Vice-president, Helmut Prinz (Germany) Member of the board, Annemie Duchateau (Belgium) Member of the board, Simon Ogrizek (Slovenia) General Secretary, Toine Zwitserlood Association Manager, Ferenc Kruzslicz There are also a number of Task Forces that form committees of both DC and non DC members alike to carry out work on behalf of Florint. The Task Force for commercial development is overseen by the president, European affairs by the vice-president, competitions by Annemie Duchateau and education by Simon Ogrizek. The DC meets three times a year plus there is an annual General Assembly where all national member associations meet, usually represented by their respective presidents. The Task Forces generally meet twice a year. Further information about Florint can be found by visiting

Florint work with the BFA

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