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Men avoid this


Valentine's day is close now.... read our words of wisdom and avoid any wrath. THREE POINTS EVERY MAN SHOULD KNOW...

Be aware they compare!
Your girl friend or wife will be asked by her friend what she got on valentine's day, make sure she can smile and say beautiful flowers.

How much do you love your partner?
Yes you can get a cheap bunch 12 red roses from the supermarket but be warned this will be very apparent!  What message does it send, I love you xxx much? (We florists have had to get the men out of trouble after having cheap bunches thrown back at them - you've warned!)

Like wise having a box dropped off by a courier company isn't the same as a hand delivered beautiful design, arranged with skill and professionalism and delivered with care.

Trust us buy flowers!
This is the day when the world show there partner how much they care, don't fool yourself that she doesn't want them, or be the one that doesn't give the gift of flowers!


VALENTINE'S DAY TOP TIPS click on the links below

Tip no. 1 - Put some thought into it
Tip no. 2 - The special message
Tip no. 3 - Spoil them rotten
Tip no. 4 - VALENTINE'S IS A CON! - Love them for 365 days
Tip no. 5 - Make a scene
Tip no. 6 - something for all the senses
Tip no. 7 - Create happiness





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