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Help for Exam Stress!

Celebrate the Hard Work that goes into Exams.

Exams are a time of great stress, the pressure is on to achieve good results, it’s an unavoidable part of student life that can be a tough nut to crack.

Whilst stress exists for a reason it can be a downfall, or it can drive student to improve your work. It's all about the state of mind and how stress can be managed, finding methods to reduce the pressures felt can be very beneficial, recently we published Flowers are Good for You!
This article explained how University research shows flowers provides us with a simple way to improve emotional health, how the presence of flowers gives you a greater life satisfaction, triggers your happy emotions and increases your feelings of life satisfaction and has a real positive effect on social behaviour too and all to a greater extent that has previously been considered.

So how can flowers help around students when nothing could be further from their mind? - Simple - give them flowers, place flowers around the home and study area.

Heightened anxiety around exam time can be helped by the presence of flowers, perhaps unexpectedly they can help put negative feelings that can come this exam pressure to one side and help with concentrating on your learning goals.

Flowers of course make the perfect gift, whether to say 'Well done with studying so hard' 'We know you'll do well' or simply 'Good Luck'.

and once the exams are done with.... 'Well done' 'We're proud of you' 'Time to relax'. Whilst we know that holidays abroad with friends are what student really want don't under estimate flowers, we're constantly having more and more research that proved just how incredible they are - and not just for girls!

Speak to your local professional florist they can Taylor make designs as gifts that are so personal for the individual - not just a run of the meal bunch that stacked high in the super market.

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Stress around exams can be helped by the presence of flowers
Celebrate the Hard Work that goes into Exams.

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