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Summery Flower Inspiration

Orange and Blues to WOW

This range of orange and blue flowers really zing and coordinate together so well.

Summer is the best time for blue flowers so enjoy them whilst they're in plentiful supply in a whole range of varieties.
Here we see them with bright orange, this combination is called a split complimentary, due to it's placement on the colour wheel, regardless of the technicalities it's easy to see they work so well together.

Here we have;

Top left; (purple flowers) Phlox
to the right of phlox, (lime green fluffy flower) Alchemilla Mollis
Top middle: (blue spike flower) Veronica
Top right: (blue round flower) Corn flower
Middle left: (orange thistle looking flower) Carthamus
Bottom left: (orange textured flower) Celosia
Bottom right: (orange flower) Asclepsia

A beautiful selection I'm sure you'd agree, your local professional florist with no doubt have some of these and as well as a selection of more summer flowers and ones that you're more familiar with.

Why not treat yourself to something that really represents summer and pop into your florist today?

Summery Flower Inspiration
Orange and Blues to WOW

HELLO there!

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