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Alternative Baubles!

How do you decorate your tree?

No doubt we've all had some very special tree decorations over the years, whether they're treasured additions in the form of 'hand me down' decoration, or ones made by members of the family which warm the heart every year we carefully unwrap them, we've probably also had some home-made 'beauties!' that we may have tried to misplace over the years to avoid them adorning(?) the tree too, dried pasta and gold paint spring to mind!? However the baubles pictured here we won't tire of, they have got to be some of the most original around! Made with the use of a floral foam spheres and Chrysanthemums, these baubles will look fantastic on any tree, hanging from a vase of branches, or just a collection on a plate with or without some standard baubles. Chrysanths are a very long lasting flower usually looking good for well over a week or two, and with this design the chrysanth stems are cut quite short to insert the head into the foam, because of this they are guaranteed to uptake water and therefore last. If you want to create these yourself buy and soak floral foam spheres (avoid over soaking them, drop them into a bowl of water and rotate them so all the outside has had a chance to soak the water, but without allowing them to become too heavy for the tree.) Firmly attach the ribbon to hang them, then cut the Chrysanthemum heads from the stem leaving approx 2cm to insert into the foam working your way around the ball until all the foam is covered. Don't forget to add some water to the baubles through the festive season! If you have difficulties locating spheres why not adapt the idea and make square parcels instead, go on let your creativity flow!

The most original Christmas Baubles!
How do you decorate your tree?

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