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GCSE Results!

A milestone for so many – could sending flowers make it a double?

GCSE results are of huge significance in a teenagers life. It's a major event that marks more than just qualifications. At this time there's so much happening and it's really important that students have the support of those around them, an important part of that is to ensure they celebrate regardless of the outcome of the exam results. For the vast majority of students the GCSE result herald the end of their school years and this is an event that also should be out celebrated. Flowers should be part of these celebrations for many reasons, OK so teenage boys might not appreciate flowers so much however it should be an absolute must for girls – read on and we’ll explain. GCSE results promise an awkward day, The vast majority of student work very hard toward their exams and so much significance is placed on them, at 16 years of age good results mean the world. However, regardless of the results it’s a time that must be celebrated to recognise what a massive achievement surviving exams and school life(!) It’s a turning point in life, OK so this isn't the end of education BUT it is the end of life as students know it, groups of friends are fragmented and head in different direction, and whilst it's a massive relief as envelopes are opened amongst friends, it is often the final time students will be in the school that had become so familiar to them. Whilst leaving school has been and gone for most students, GCSE results re-enforce this again, whilst school leavers are usually thrilled to break away from their school years it is a sad time too (although they'll rarely admit this.) As they receive their exam results and the next chapter of their life begins receiving flowers at this time is a perfect gift, regardless of the results - they are perfectly placed, celebrating or commiserating and at this time when they may be quietly reflective of the end of an era with an almost mourning process of leaving childhood and school years for them. So no wonder why we think It’s such an important time to send flowers. Flowers always send the right message, at a time of such mixed emotions when students have to deal with the excitement of achievement and feeling daunted with all these other aspects of life and the new chapter to come. Could you make it another milestone... If you arrange for some beautiful flowers to be delivered by your professional florist it will no doubt be a very special surprise, often the first time they have received flowers. This will not fail to make them happy - scientific results have proven this to be true. Flowers won't just make students happy but when these mixed emotions can also include stress you might find it very interesting to know Flower are great for stress, they’ve also been scientifically proven to help there CLICK HERE and read all about it. It’s important not only for the students to celebrate their results, but also their family to celebrate with them – with all the work that was put into the achievement of the results time should be taken to say - well done. they worked hard and that deserves to be recognised. Flowers can be made to be the perfect personalised gift, speak with your local professional florist and with a few questions they’ll be able to create a designs that will bowl over a teenager that deserved to be made to feel special regardless of the results. Whatever happens students must absolutely take the time to enjoy that glorious-yet-frightening end of school moment. Not only will they want to celebrate with friends, but they should celebrate with family and receive a gift of flowers. Even if they haven’t got exactly what they’d hoped, they’ve still done really well. They’ve survived a great tipping point in life, and yes, adulthood awaits. Scary as it may be, this is something to celebrate. Please don’t for a second think that flowers are not suitable they can be made colourful and funky, sleek and modern, naturalistic, quirky you name it, but most importantly they can be made as individual as the person that will received them – something a skilled professional florist will ensure, use our find a florist facility to locate your local BFA member florist if you don’t know one already.

GCSE result celebration flowers
A milestone for so many – could sending flowers make it a double?

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