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BFA and IoPF Brand Guidelines

Welcome to BFA Brand Identity. We have created this page to share with you details about the use of our BFA and IoPF logo and its Brand Identity. On the following page we have included a few basic principles for you to apply when using our Logo, followed by a few examples demonstrating how to use our new Brand Identity. The BFA name are powerful assets. Here in the UK we’re in a privileged position that consumers continue to recognise us as the leading name in representation of the Florist Industry.

Brand Guidelines

The below is a guide and copies of BFA and IoPF brand guidelines are available from the BFA. Please note the term and use of BFA brand also applies to the Institute of Professional Florist( IoPF)

This applies to BFA being written promotional copy (adverts and marketing collateral) and editorial copy (feature articles and press releases). The same applies when BFA is being referred to within a business letter or document.

Use of the BFA and IoPF logo specifically must follow strictly the BFA and IoPF  Brand Guidelines as set out below. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in all or a combination of the following:

  • withdrawal of the right of use of the BFA and IoPF logo and materials
  • suspension or termination of your membership with the BFA or IoPF.

Using the BFA logo.

The BFA logo is the crucial identity that enables people in an instant to associate with our brand. It
is a key piece of communication that conveys brand personality, image and tone of voice. It has to be attractive
enough to be noticed, and dynamic enough to be remembered.

In the following paragraphs, we illustrate the correct use of the BFA logo in order to maintain the integrity of the BFA logo,
it is crucial that these guidelines are strictly adhered to so as to ensure consistency. In instances
where you are unsure, or where changes to the guidelines may be required, always seek the advice from the BFA.

The BFA logo uses Cerise and Grey as the British Florist Association colours with a sophisticated twist. The standard appearance for the BFA logo is in full colour (CMYK) without shadow. This would be used on white backgrounds for print.

Incorrect use of the BFA logo

The logo is the foundation of our brand identity and an expression of our personality and values. As an important piece of intellectual property, the logo must be protected through proper use.

To ensure this:

  • Do not change the colour of the logo
  • Do not alter the proportions of the logo
  • Do not place the logo in a shape
  • Do not place the logo on cluttered photography or illustrations where the logo may be visually lost.

Rights and Restrictions of Use

The goodwill and all intellectual property or other rights in and associated with the BFA logo, the BFA name and any other materials provided to you by us will at all times and for all purposes belong to us. You agree that you will not do anything to harm or undermine those rights and will not use any of the BFA logo, the BFA name or other materials provided to you by us except to promote your membership with the BFA or IoPF

You must not use “British Florist Association” as part of your trading name.

If you wish to promote our floral designs (using pictures from design guides or other promotional material) on your own shop website, you must ensure that it clearly states that we own the copyright in such images. You will include any copyright notice that we ask to you include from time to time. 

All signs, displays, leaflets and other materials incorporating the BFA logo, or the BFA name must be removed immediately from your premises, vehicles and website on termination of your membership with BFA.

Principle 1 – Local Use BFA and IoPF Members may use the Brand Identity in all Advertising within their local delivery area. Members should not confuse the consumer in any advertisements and these must be seen to belong to the Member and not be an advertisement for the BFA or IoPF. Members may use the Brand Identity within all aspects of their retail environment e.g. shop front, in-store, on websites, on promotional material and on delivery vehicles using the van decal as part of your membership

Principle 2 – National Use The general rule is that Members may not use the Brand Identity in any way outside of their local delivery area. BFA is responsible for all forms of advertising at a national level e.g. internet, television, radio, direct marketing, affiliates etc. Going forward please ensure you submit all artwork for approval to the BFA Association Manager and team and do not proceed to print without prior approval from the BFA. We hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions please contact the BFA on 024 75090326 Ext 1.

Please note that use of BFA and IoPF logo by non members may result in legal proceedings.

Inconsistency or ‘breaches’ could weaken our Brand and even jeopardise our right to use these marks in the future.

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