BFA Standard of Excellence - British Florist Association

BFA Standard of Excellence

The BFA Standard of Excellence set the levels every customer can expect from the florist members of the British Floristry Association. All members of the BFA are committed to achieving high levels of quality of product and of service and follow all of the BFA standards of excellence expected of them to give the best level of service to their customers. If you have flowers where the quality, product or service is below what you consider is satisfactory, we can help. We aim to ensure issues you face are resolved successfully. Before complaining please consider

  • Flowers and plants are a natural product, and on occasion specific flowers may need to be substituted, this can be for various reasons including; due to being out of season, unavailable, or of a standard the florist deems not high enough to send.
  • Similarly the colour may vary, or the flower vary in other natural ways.

What should I do if I have a complaint? If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the product and/or service:

  • Firstly contact the BFA member florist, many florists welcome feedback both positive and negative. Informing them of any dissatisfaction you may have will allow them to opportunity to amend the situation. We highly recommend you contact them as soon as is possible. If you feel that you have clearly stated your complaint in full and it has not resolved we can act on your behalf.
  • Contact us at the BFA by emailing or writing to The British Florist Association, PO Box 365, Worksop, S80 9EF. Provide all the details of your complaint, this will be passed to the BFA Consumer Advice and Arbitration Service for attention, we will contact the florist and handle the matter it will be resolved in lines with our code of practice.

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