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Books available from the BFA

Books available from the BFA

The BFA sell a collection of quality floristry books including the Professional Florists’ Manual.

The Professional Florists' Manual is the essential reference book for up-to-dat...

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What you can expect from our Expert BFA Florists.  Image courtesy of

What you can expect from a BFA Florist

The British Florist Association and their members share an overwhelming passion for Flowers and Floristry at its best! BFA Florists are the experts. In the hands of a trained professional a few flo...

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British Florist Association - About BFA Florists

BFA Privacy Policy


This Privacy Notice explains in detail the types of personal data we may collect about you when you interact with us. It also explains how we’ll store and handle that...

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IOPF - Institute of Professional Florists image courtesy of

IOPF - Institute of Professional Florists

Floristry is a highly skilled profession, florists train for many years and during this time they gain many qualifications, as well as this traditional training, florists will continue to attend w...

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Code of Practice

BFA Standards of Excellence

The BFA Standard of Excellence set the levels every customer can expect from the florist members of the British Floristry Association. All members of the BFA are committed to achieving high levels ...

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Florint work with the BFA

BFA and the International Organisation Florint

The BFA - British Florist Association is part of a far larger organisation known as Florint: The International Florist Organisation. Florint looks after the economic prosperity of its member countr...

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History of the BFA

History of the BFA

The British Florist Association was formed in 1948 and started life as the British Flower Industry Association. Since its formation the association has grown from strength to strength.


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