Do you really need cut flower food? - British Florist Association
Do you really need cut flower food? - British Florist Association

Do you really need cut flower food?

The Truth That you Need to Know.

So, do flowers really need cut flower food, does it really help them last longer or develop and open fully? The answer is clear – Yes.

Flowers are living things, and like us they need food for proper growth and healthiness. Amazingly, you can extend the vase life of flowers by more than 60% compared to the use of water alone!

You can provide much of what a cut flower needs so simply with the addition of cut flower food solutions, this contain ingredient’s to create the ideal pH level in the water to stimulates water uptake and flow through the flower stems, sugar to help buds open and last longer, and a preservative to reduce growth of bacteria and fungi, in short cut flower foods contain all the necessary ingredients for the natural development of stems, leaves and flower petals, as well as for size, colour and scent.

When you receive flowers they should always be accompanied by a sachet(s) of cut flower food, if its missing don’t be afraid to request some, if they’ve been delivered to you without cut food pop in, call up or contact them to request this essential addition to the order.

The production of cut flower is an exact science, it’s development is aimed at mimic the natural flower development. In numerous trials it has been scientifically proven that flower foods such as Chrysal Clear substantially improves the longevity of almost all cut flowers. The average improvements ranges from more than 30% for mixed bouquets up to almost 100% for Lisianthus. 

Cut flower food is very suitable not only for flower arrangements in vases, but also in floral foam so do use it regardless of the floral design you buy or receive.

We’re not just expecting you to do this, there’s been a whole process of floral nutrition given to the flowers before they reach you. Prior to you receiving the flowers, growers have used a post-harvest cut flower food solution to give the flowers the immediate care they need. So although the flowers are cut/harvested and so deprived of water, food and growth regulators that would all naturally be supplied by the mother plant the growers step up and make sure they provide what the plant no longer can.
Exporters/wholesalers and florists continue the good work by using another type of flower food in a water solution specially designed to care for the flowers at that stage in their environment.
Finally, it’s over to you, the cut flower food given to you as we’ve explained helps the flowers develop in the way nature intended. 

So we hope that answers the question once and for all we can’t recommend cut flower food enough. We’re sure that our BFA members all provide cut flower food to help the enjoyment of your flowers for longer, your enjoyment of flowers is our main priority. 

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