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How to care for your buttonholes

Know exactly how to take care of your buttonholes before the wedding

With Summer in full swing so is the wedding season, whilst weddings now take place every month of the year, caring for buttonholes in the summer months is probably the most challenging time, so here we answer some frequently asked questions.

Can I collect my buttonholes the day before?
Often it’s more convenient to collect buttonholes for a wedding the evening before, which is fine to do, if they are cared for properly.

How best should you store my buttonholes?
This depends a little on how your florist has packed them. Some florists with treat the buttonholes with a specialist spray that will keep them fresh.

Sometimes the buttonholes will be enclosed in a bag or box that will creates their own atmosphere and keeps them fresh.

If these steps have been taken by your florist simply keep them in a cool location, out of direct sunlight and draughts until you need them.

Beware of pets too, a buttonhole jumped on by a cat won’t fair well!

Should I put them in the fridge?
No! Food fridges are not designs for flowers.

What is the difference between a beverage cooler and a floral cooler?
A beverage and food fridge is designed to keep humidity as low as possible and to cool its contents as rapidly as possible with high fan speeds and low temperatures. A floral cooler has different internal working to keep humidity at 80 – 95 % and has baffled air flow so as not to dry out flowers. 

Can I leave the buttonholes I just picked up at the flower in my car?
That really depends on the temperature, if the temperature is warm it’s a definite no. Please keep in mind that flowers are living things. They freeze at temperatures below thirty-two degrees. 
They also don’t do well in hot cars during the summer. Try to limit exposures to those extremes as much as possible.

I’ve heard I need to keep your flowers away from fruit is that true?
Yes, keep flowers away from fruit as they give out an invisible gas called ethylene that age flowers quickly.

What side should I wear my buttonhole?
Men where their buttonhole on the left, where as ladies where their buttonholes or corsages on the right hand side, women should always wear corsages point down, ladies buttonholes can be worn either pointing up or down. 
The only exception to the side men where their buttonholes on is when in military uniform and wearing medals, in that instance medals are worn on the left, and a buttonhole would then be worn on the right.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?
Be careful when you’re wearing the buttonholes, firstly seat belts can be dangerous for buttonholes, often they’re just at the right height to crush buttonholes! it maybe better to put your buttonholes on once reaching the ceremony venue, however if you’re having to travel to the reception – remember those seat belts again! 

Wedding are the perfect venue to catch up with family and friend, however again just be aware you’re wearing a flower that can bruise easily when hugging!

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