Valentines -Top care tips for roses - British Florist Association
Valentines -Top care tips for roses - British Florist Association

Valentines -Top care tips for roses

How to get the very most out of your beautiful roses.

We hope you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet of roses…. use our expert advice below to get the very best out of them so you can enjoy them for longer. Many bouquets are delivered in a bubble of water, an aqua-pack, these designs are called Hand ties (due to being arranged and tied in the florists hand). They are created in such a way that you do not need to take the design apart but they do need to be removed from their packaging after a little while.

Valentines day, caring for your roses this Valentines Day

Try to avoid

  1. Try not to drop water on to the head of your roses, it could well cause a the head to ‘dampen off’.
  2. Do not spray the roses as this too could cause (botrytis) fungal growth.
  3. Keep your flowers away from draughts (this dehydrates the flowers which can be harmful to them) be mindful of this when buying flowers and consider how they’re kept.
  4. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight
  5. Keep your flowers away from heater, heat sources or being in an environment that is too hot. Both sunlight and heat can cause the flowers to mature prematurely
  6. Keep flowers away from fruit, the gases fruit produce also ages flowers, again be aware of this when buying flowers!
  7. If your flowers did not come with flower food do contact the seller, or pop by to collect some. If they are unable to help your local BFA professional florist will be able to supply you with some.

Top tips

  1. Select a suitable size vase, glass or pottery is ideal. If you wish to use an antique or metal vase it’s best to line them.
  2. USE THE CUT FLOWER FOOD – we hope you received cut flower food with your flowers, professional florists always send out flowers with vital flower nutrition food, it helps your flowers last longer.  
  3. Add the cut flower food to the vase and fill with the correct amount of clean cold tap water, the package of food will give you the dosing instructions.
  4. Remove any leaves that would go into the water.
  5. Re-cut the stems of the flowers before putting them directly into the water/cut flower food solution.  Cut approximately 5 cm off the ends of the stems at an angle with a sharp clean pair of scissors, secateurs, or if you feel comfortable using one – a sharp knife.
  6. Top the water up with more cut flower food solution, always ensure your flowers have enough water to drink.

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