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Brexit The call to action! As you know the BFA have been investigating Brexit and how that may affect our industry. Our next stage is to inform the government and members of Parliament to make them aware how Brexit could affect your daily trading. At the BFA we are in touch with Government, Ministers and Officials, but now WE NEED … Read more

Press coverage on BFA Action

The BFA have been tirelessly spearheading Brexit campaigning within our industry for the voice of florists throughout the UK heard. They have done this in a number of ways, with calls to government being top of list. It’s now clear that the BFA have been campaigning so hard for the rights of florists and for our … Read more

BFA Florist Survey Results

Thoughout October, November, December and into January we had our Brexit survey being completed by florists all over the UK. Thank you to everyone that took part this is a vital survey. Why the survey? We have spearheaded a Brexit group; bringing together some of the most prominent figures and florist industries key players.  Working together … Read more

Information from Florint

The inside look at Brexit: what you really need to know… Following a conference and open debate organised by Florint and Green Team Consultancy+ about the Brexit situation, and in particular its implications for the horticulture sector, we sum up the key conclusions of the discussions here. Why this Brexit debate? Simply put, the UK … Read more

European Floristry School 2017

About the 2017 European Floristry School The school of 2017 was held at Moreton Morrell College, this beautiful countryside location was the perfect location with excellent facilities and grounds that the international tutors Mark Pampling  from Australia, Moniek Vanden Berghe from Belgium, Nicu Bocancea from Romania as well as the student were delighted to be able to pick from. … Read more

Poinsettia care tips

Poinsettia care tips POINSETTIAS, Why Florists are the best retailers for them! We Care – pass the message on! With the plants being the undisputed stars of the festive season we must highlight the reasons why florist should be the number one choice for consumers, we are the expert retailers lets share this. We all … Read more

Cut Flower Poinsettias

Yes, you read it correctly Poinsettias as a cut flower, but you don’t have to just take our word for it do your own test, it might be the best thing you’ll do this month…. take a plant this week, condition it as explained below and do your own vase life test – this could … Read more

Poinsettia varieties.

Amazing varieties of Poinsettias We know that there is an incredible range of poinsettias available, not just the usual red, however, we must not take this for granted, we must shout about this to our clients… not all consumer know the varieties we have to hand.  It’s another way we professional florists can shine leaving … Read more

Boost your Poinsettia sales

Boost your Poinsettia sales Poinsettias – It’s Time to Take a Different Approach? Let’s take back control of our Poinsettia sales! We have a sure-fire way to make that happen!…. Poinsettias are just so well known as THE plant of Christmas – their sales have topped a staggering six million plants sold in the UK alone. … Read more

The Apprentice inside story

Elizabeth shares the highs, lows and inside story of her time on The Apprentice. We’ve spoken to Elizabeth to get the inside scoop on her time in the apprentice. From the 4th of October through to the 17th December many of us were transfixed by BBC’s The Apprentice – however, the lure to this series … Read more

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