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BFA member florists test Chrysal flower food for flower longevity and potential water saving.

During the last few weeks Chrysal and the BFA have embarked on a project to test the flower food Professional 2 for its ability to lengthen the amount of time you can use your water without replacing it. The aim was to hopefully prove that this product can, not only, prolong the life of your … Read more

Help to Grow

Small business leaders invited to take part in government-funded leadership course to boost performance and resilience. Small business leaders across the United Kingdom are invited to take advantage of the 90% government-funded Help to Grow: Management Course. Designed by entrepreneurs and industry experts from the UK’s leading business schools, the course helps small business leaders … Read more

Budget news- what it means for Florists

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered a ‘Budget for Growth’ after the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast a stronger than expected performance from the UK economy this year with inflation continuing to fall. The Chancellor announced a £27 billion transformation of capital allowances from April this year, which will include the Full Expensing of investment in qualifying plant and … Read more

WorldSkills UK- competition 2023 information

World Skills UK is open to any age competitor but you must have under 5 years industry experience. What are WorldSkills UK Competitions? Skills competitions are designed by industry specific experts, and assess an individual’s knowledge, practical skills and employability attributes against set criteria in a competitive timed environment. The benefits of getting involved Competition … Read more

International Women’s Day March 8th

International Women’s Day 2023 campaign theme is #EmbraceEquity Read more about the message of International Women’s Day through the link below and engage in the embrace with your team, friends or colleagues if you want to support the campaign. Join in the campaign at Learn the difference between Equity and Equality at Use … Read more

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