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Cabbage (Ornamental)

Decorative cabbages are a very striking plant material, however the clues in the name... as they age they can start smelling, needless to say more than ever the water will need to be kept fresh, and l

Did you know..?. Cabbages can grow really tall, some varieties can have their stems dried and used as walking sticks

Colours available:
Cream/Ivory, Green, Purple/Lilac, White
Brassica (pronounced BRAS-ee-ka)
Common names:
Ornamental Cabbage, Decorative Cabbage
Brassicaceae (pronounced brass-ih-KAY-see-ee)
Place of origin:
Western Europe, the Mediterranean and temperate regions of Asia
Easily available
Seasons available:
Late Summer, Autumn
Cabbage (Ornamental) Care Tips
  • Ensure the vase or container is clean

  • Add the correct cut flower food to clean water

  • Remove all leaves from the stems that will go into the water

  • Cut off approx. 2cm of the stem at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors.

  • Don't place your flowers near heat sources, in sunlight, or draught

  • Avoid putting your flowers near fruit, as ethylene gas is naturally released from fruit that ages &

  • Change or top up the water, your local professional florist will be happy to sell you cut flower foo

  • Really do change the water regularly as they're a relative of cabbage, old stale water will smell!

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