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Common Names:
Family: Rubiaceae

Bouvardia are beautiful but sensitive flowers, they don't like getting too cold, they suffer from air locks in the stem without the correct care....



Common Names: Ornamental Cabbage, Decorative Cabbage
Family: Brassicaceae

Decorative cabbages are a very striking plant material, however the clues in the name... as they age they can start smelling, needless to say more than ever the water will need to be kept fresh, and l...



Common Names: Triplet Lilies, Cluster-Lilies
Family: Asparagaceae

Triteleia were formerly placed in genus Brodiaea, and are known by the names Brodea and Triteleia [try-TELL-ay-uh]. There has been much controversy and confusion within these flower groups since the...



Common Names: Brunia balls, Silver Brunia, Silver Balls, Silver Brunia Berries, Silver Brunia Balls, Grey Brunia
Family: Bruniaceae

Brunia are usually between 30 - 50cm...


Common Names: Hare's Ears, Thorow Wax
Family: Apiaceae

They compliment many flowers, the bright green lift colour schemes wonderfully...



Common Names: Banksia Hookeriana, Acorn Banksia , Hookers Banksia, Banksia Baxteri.
Family: Proteaceae

Banksia are generally purchased out of Holland, as with most plant material imported from around the world...

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