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Perennial: support and advice for everyone in horticulture

How can they help you, as a florist?

If you need someone to talk to about your own or even your employers mental health and wellbeing then Perennial can help you and it’s all confidential. Find all the details you need to contact and more importantly speak to someone below or through our partnership pages, You can access these pages from the main heading on our home page at any time.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Perennial services are free and confidential. Perennial covers 3 main subjects Financial Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing and Mental Wellbeing. Perennial have professional case workers who can talk to you about any of the subjects that are worrying you or you just feel like you need to talk to someone and ask ‘where can I get help?’

It’s a simple process of completing the online application so that the correct case worker can call you. As florists we are referred as horticulturists on the application form. Go to this link for the form to get you started.

If you prefer to call the number is 0800 0938543 and this also covers family support as well.

Use the Perennial app

For a positive start to the spring, people in horticulture can kickstart their physical & mental fitness for free with Perennial’s Health and Wellbeing platform and app. 

The service provides advice and support for mental health, fitness and nutrition for all those who work, or have worked, with plants, trees, grass or flowers and their families. For people in this type of work, a good level of physical and mental fitness is necessary so it’s important for them to keep their health and wellbeing in top condition.

Hundreds of people are already benefiting from the platform and app which is packed full of guidance, tools and tailored insights, created by experts, to help with the body, mind and life. There is something for everyone to explore whether you have a healthy lifestyle already or want to create one. Popular articles and paths include: Stay mobile – stay flexible, The stress boat, Looking after your emotional wellbeing and Snack smart. New content is added regularly to keep people coming back for more rewarding recipes, fitness plans, exercises, articles, podcasts, meditations and eLearning modules.

Perennial health and wellbeing app


Perennial, the charity helping people in horticulture, is introducing a new service called ‘nudge’ to support the financial wellbeing of people in the industry.

The free, personalised financial management tool equips you with the skills and knowledge to take control of your money on a day-to-day basis. All those who work with plants, trees, grass or flowers can use it to help them navigate their everyday spending and future milestones.
Looking after your wellbeing is of paramount importance and crucial to this is how we feel about our finances. Perennial’s Health & Wellbeing Survey (2021) found that mental wellbeing and financial pressures are among the biggest perceived challenges for people working in horticulture. 85% of people’s mental wellbeing was poor or below average. 26% of people’s income didn’t cover their daily living costs. 16% felt under financial pressure along with 36% of the UK population according to a recent MaPs survey.

So….. don’t wait if you need support, just give them a call or fill in the form. Perennial are waiting to help you!

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