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WorldSkills Special Edition in Finland

A statement from Worldskills :

WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition is the official replacement for WorldSkills Shanghai 2022, cancelled in May due to the pandemic. Thanks to the commitment of our Partners and Members, 62 skill competitions will be held over 12 weeks in 15 countries and regions between 7 September and 26 November 2022.”

Our UK competitor was first supposed to compete in 2020! Due to Covid it was postponed to 2021 and again to 2022. When it was clear that the competition could not go ahead in Shanghai the different skill sets were split and hosted in several different countries to ensure the competitors got the chance to show off their training and get the experience they all deserved. It was time to shine at last!

Floristry was held in Finland and Hannah Beckley was chosen to represent the UK after first going through the WorldSkills UK competition path. She has been in training now for 3 years! and we are so pleased that she has finally had the opportunity to go to this amazing career boosting event.

Hannah with Training manager Laura Leong, Former skills competitor Elizabeth Newcombe and fellow squad member Clara Agnew

The Competition took place over 4 days and consisted of tasks to test the skills of any professional florist.

The booths all ready to receive their professional competitors!

The Tasks

Day 1

  • Task 1: Planted design
  • Task 2: Surprise item – Cut flower arrangement

Day 2

  • Task 3: Bridal design
  • Task 4: Surprise item – Necklace to match the bridal design

Day 3

  • Task 5: Handtied bouquet using the vase provided
  • Task 6: Cut flower arrangement using the container provided

Day 4

  • Task 7: Room decoration using the chair provided
  • Task 8: Cut flower arrangement
Creating frameworks to show skill and technique
Choosing the right materials
Using containers and vases creatively
Cleaning and prepping plant materials
Adding details and more techniques
Testing balance and making solid frames
Checking and perfecting a design
Creating a design with space and depth
Day 4 with all tasks complete!

We know Hannah would join us in Congratulating Nicola Hochegger of Austria for the Gold, Jasmin W├╝thrich of Switzerland for the Silver and Emeric LABAT of France for the Bronze. We hope you have all become fast friends and continue to support one another in our international industry. Congratulations to everyone who took part!

The BFA couldn’t be more proud of Hannah! what an amazing achievement. She narrowly missed out on a medal of excellence but we know she’ll be one to watch on the UK competition scene for sure. What a star!

To learn more about WorldSkills and WorldSkillsUK head on over to this page

The WorldSkills UK finals competition for 2022 will be held 16th and 17th November this year. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and info.

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