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Inspiration 101 - British Florist Association

Inspiration 101

It is such a thrill for kids to see their flower creation

If you’re looking for a special way to entertain your children in the school holidays, then we have the perfect idea for you.

These days it is getting harder and harder to find new activities for a children to spark their imaginations and have them be really creative whilst being connected with nature – an activity that is fun, safe and allows them to learn something new. Why not have them create an arrangement with you!

Flower arranging isn’t only for ‘grown-ups’ and it is such a thrill for kids to see their flower creation… and it’s something special to enjoy around the home and look after for the duration of their break from school!

This design is simply made from a sphere of oasis and yellow chrysanthemum in this instance the eyes and mouth are made from interwoven wool however a black pipe cleaner, or felt would also work well!

The trip to your local professional florist can all be part of the activity, taking in the sights and smells – and coming away with the items needed to make your own smiley face!

1. Buy an oasis sphere and yellow Chrysanthemum (if your florist doesn’t have a sphere cutting a block of oasis could also become part of the activity!) You may also want to buy a few floristry wires to attach the eyes and mouth – depending on the age of your child, glue is also an option.

2. drop the sphere of foam into a bowl of water – don’t be tempted to dunk it! let it soak naturally or they’ll be an air pocket in the middle!

3. Cut the Chrysanth from the stem leaving 1.5 – 2cm

4. You could cut a small section from the sphere to stop it rolling! optional

5. Insert the stems into the wet foam, working around the sphere until it’s all covered

6. Create the eyes and mouth and add them onto the face

7. Add sun glasses – optional!

8. Trickling water in between the flowers into the top of his head each day so he/she stays well hydrated.

9. Enjoy you’re new friend

10. Take a snap and share it with us on facebook –

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