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Child’s play – let the creative juices flow!

Release the creative juices!

Nothing beats making a great arrangement of fresh cut flowers. Old fashioned flower arranging together: great fun for the school half terms breaks, summer holidays or just fun at the weekend!

Your local BFA florist stocks a great selection of reasonably priced cut flowers that you can let the kids have a great play with. A simple selection of pots and a tiny bit of florist foam is all they need to get started. The rest they will do themselves as the artist in them will be released from the very first stem they snip. Just be careful with tools, don’t hand them your finest pair of scissors as you wouldn’t want them to injure themselves in the process.

Afterwards they will have the difficult but oh so rewarding task of keeping their flowers alive. A small prize could be given to the most creative arrangement or perhaps the one that lasts the longest Have fun!

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