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You have never seen flowers like it!

Flower Parade Features Radically Designed Floats.

Founded in 1936, the annual Corso Zundert parade is a celebration of the Netherlands’ most iconic exports: flowers.

The event is held every year in the small town of Zundert where 20 teams of volunteers from different hamlets compete for the best designed parade float. More than being covered almost completely in vibrant dahlia flowers, the float designs often incorporate moving elements and are accompanied by marching bands and other performers along the parade route.
Photos never do flower creations justice but we hope that the scale and breath taking wonder of these floats can begin to be appreciated

This year’s winner titled “Dangerous Transportation” featured in the line up were a giant dragon, fighting foxes, a bee hive, a heard of wildebeests and this incredible lion to name a few.

Whilst you may never require flowers design in quite this scale your local professional florist will relate to these designs as florists are often asked to create 3d funeral designs, the selection of creations available is almost endless, just like these incredible floats.

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