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5 Reasons Why Flowers are Better than Chocolate at Easter

Easter Gifts that Everyone Will Love

It's often so nice to give a gift and Easter is a perfect opportunity to do just that, however an Easter Egg or Even a Luxury Box of Chocolates isn't for every one.

Flowers are a Gift you know will be enjoyed and here's why...

5 Reasons why Flowers are better than chocolates

1. They brighten up the home, with Easter falling in the spring there is a whole range of stunning colours and scented flowers around to make a beautiful bouquet.

2. They are 100% fat free contain no calories and are an indulgence that actually does you good - It's been proven that flowers promote happiness!

3. They last longer than chocolates - This is a pretty safe bet, unless you're planning on giving a gift to someone that has exceptional will power and can make an easter egg or box of chocolates last longer than a week.

4. You really don't mind sharing, flowers will be a gift for everyone that sees them.

5. Great for all ages, OK, so children no doubt would rather Easter eggs but for just about everyone else would much rather have the gift of flowers, it's such a pleasure to receive flowers you can be guaranteed they'll bring instance happiness to the receiver, that will go and on for the duration of the life of the flowers.

Your local professional florist will be delighted to arrange for flowers to be delivered or collected on Saturday if you're not sure who your local BFA professional florist is use the find a florist link at the top of the page


Easter flowers by the experts British florist association.
Easter Gifts that Everyone Will Love

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