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A Level Results!

Remember to stop and celebrate – with flowers that make the perfect gift.

A-level results are a milestone in life, there is a lot happening at this time and it’s so important to celebrate the moment.

Boys and girls can often respond very differently to their exam results, but regardless of grades, all students should be out celebrating the end of their school years, and flowers should be added into these celebrations, OK so teenage boys might not appreciate flowers so much however it should be an absolute must for girls – read on and we’ll explain.

A-level results promise an awkward day, on which those who did well try not to stop themselves exploding with happiness, while feeling genuinely sorry for those who didn’t get their anticipated grades.

The vast majority of student work very hard toward their exams – so much significance is placed on them and at that younger age good results mean the world. However, regardless of the results it’s a time that must be celebrated to recognise what a massive achievement surviving A-levels is, and how it’s a turning point in life.

Truth be told, many are already fretting about the work that they’ll have to do before their next chapter begins whether that be university, other education or work.

You might be surprised to hear that it’s only a few girls who do the jumping-in-the-air-waving-results-papers-and-smiling-inanely thing on results day. Actually, everyone who gets what they were hoping for should give themselves a huge pat on the back. Months of blood, sweat and tears (often literally) need reward and celebration.

It’s important not only for the students to celebrate their results, but also their family to celebrate with them – with all the work that was put into the achievement of the results time should be taken to say - well done. they worked hard and that deserves to be recognised.

Flowers can be made to be the perfect personalised gift, speak with your local professional florist and with a few questions they’ll be able to create a designs that will bowl over a teenager that deserved to be made to feel special regardless of the results.

And if it doesn’t all go to plan?

Perhaps if things don’t go to plan more than ever support is needed, girls will take poor results it to heart a lot more than boys. For most girls, if they are one grade off, or even one point off in a module, it’s the end of the world. They need comfort and support and explanation that it isn’t the end of life as we know it.

Not only is results time a finishing A-levels, but the end of college, this marks the end of a significant phase of life – school years, something that’s often forgotten, as we get so wrapped up in results. Of course that means a double celebration.

The moment a teenager receives their A-level results, is a very potent cocktail of excitement, achievement, and exhilaration at having got to the end, with an almost mourning process of leaving childhood and your school. Even going separate ways with friends. So no wonder why we think It’s such an important time to send flowers. Flowers always send the right message, at a time of such mixed emotions when students have to deal with the excitement of achievement and feeling daunted with all these other aspects of life, which may well include such rites of passage as leaving home and becoming independent.

When these mixed emotions can include stress you might find it very interesting to know Flower are great for stress, they’ve been scientifically proven to make us happy CLICK HERE and read all about it.

Whatever happens students must absolutely take the time to enjoy that glorious-yet-frightening end of school moment. Not only will they want to celebrate with friends, but they should celebrate with family and receive a gift of flowers. Even if they haven’t got exactly what they’d hoped, they’ve still done really well.

They’ve survived a great tipping point in life, and yes, adulthood awaits. Scary as it may be, this is something to celebrate. They’ve survived and should enjoy the moment. Another thought is that this could be the first beautiful bouquet of flowers they’ve received another nice milestone for them to have, and don’t for a second think that flowers are not suitable they can be made colourful and funky, sleek and modern, naturalistic, quirky you name it, but most importantly they can be made as individual as the person that will received them – something a skilled professional florist will ensure, use our find a florist facility to locate your local BFA member florist if you don’t know one already.

A-level result celebration flowers
Remember to stop and celebrate – with flowers that make the perfect gift.

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