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Alstroemeria – Time to take another look?

Don't overlook the rugged alstro

Alstroemeria may have fallen off the ‘loved flower list’ there’s no doubt that other flowers might be considered more ‘en vogue’ but we think it’s time we all take another look at the rugged alstroemeria it should be essential when we’re enjoying spring.

Alstroemeria have been in the shadows for too long and its time it takes centre stage for a while. It’s an amazing flower that hides somewhat shyly in its bud in the florist shop, but gosh what a surprise when it opens its buds in your home; it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes! The six to eight flowers on the stem become visible, with a flaming interior of white, yellow, red, orange, purple or pink which you can really enjoy.

It often is a flower that just keeps giving too – Once the main flowers of the alstroemeria is finished pinch them off but don’t get rid of the stem quite yet, take a closer look - are the next set of flowers now developing and waiting for their time to shine, Alstroemeria often have up to 3 lives with flowers developing as the more mature (what at first glance might be considered the only flowers on the stem) fade.

Alstro can easily be versatile whether your using a few stems in bottles as we’ve shown in our image courtesy of or a mass of different colours and varieties, or it could be that they simply compliment other flowers in a mixed bouquet. They’re a really cool flower that deserves some attention, we’ve grown them in the UK for many years which may be part of the reason we’ve started taking them for granted? The majority of shop bought Alstroemeria may now be imported from Holland or even Colombia although an awful lot of excellent quality British Alstro are being grown (which we’ll tell you more about in British flower week). Regardless of the origin of your Alstro give them a go and enjoy them.

Pop into your local professional BFA florist and you’ll be able to see the varieties available – perhaps mix and match?
For more information on the alstroemeria including care tips, origin and some other interest facts CLICK HERE to view the Alstroemeria page in our Flower and plants section

Alstroemeria - its definitely a sight for sore eyes!
Don't overlook the rugged alstro

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