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Be Inspired!

find inspiration everywhere - including the Olympics

When creating designs that are a little different Florists are often asked 'Where do you get your inspiration from?'

The fact is that inspiration can come from everywhere, including the Olympics!

At the time of writing the Olympics is taking place in Bejing. There has been more significance placed on the legacy of Olympic games more than ever before with the slogan 'I AM TEAM GB' being widely advertised.

Whilst the Olympics game will indeed inspire sports to be taken up we at the BFA invite you to take a look of them from a different perspective....

The images of the games is quite a sight to behold, the colour and shapes that can be seen are quite extraordinary, our image show you how Calla lilies [Zantedeschia] can be bent, to perhaps resemble a gymnast.

let your imagine run and see what ideas you can come up with.

find inspiration everywhere - including the Olympics
find inspiration everywhere - including the Olympics

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