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A feature plant that makes a statement!

Bold plants look sensational, treat yourself and your home

Choice of indoor trees

There is an extensive range of ‘indoor trees’ on offer. The most common indoor trees with a trunk are Dracaena and Beaucarnea, which are both members of the Agavaceae family. Pachira is a plant from the Malvaceae family, and Polyscias is a member of the Araliaceae, which also includes ivy, for example. We will discuss these four in more depth:


Dracaena is the most common genus in the trade. The range features many different species and cultivars, which vary in terms of leaf shape and colour. The size or appearance of Dracaena has nothing to do with the name. The plants are easiest to distinguish from one another by looking at the width of the leaves at species level. D. marginata is 1 cm wide and always has a red edge, D. deremensis is 2-3 cm wide, D. fragrans is 4-7 cm wide. There is also D. reflexa with rather short, bent leaves. A number of species are less well-known: D. surculosa and D. sanderiana. There are various cultivars of all these species available for sale.

There are two forms of Beaucarnea recurvata available. The adult form is sold as Beaucarnea and always has an attractive, fairly smooth trunk. The young plant is sold under the name Nolina, but is actually the same plant and is characterised by the small ball out of which the narrow leaves grow.


We see many different forms of Polyscias, from fine jagged leaves (P. fruticosa) to P. scutellaria and P. balfouriana with almost round leaves.


Only one type of Pachira is sold - P. aquatica. However, there are many different forms, from small trunks to trees which are several metres high.

Speak to your local BFA Florist about the plants they have or can order in for you.  Buying an indoor tree will be a real feature in your home and you want to be sure that the plant you have bought has been well cared for before you receive it.  A professional florist can give you those assurances, Indoor trees that have been left to dry out or been in cold draughts might show signs poor treatment later, we really want you to enjoy your plants and flowers, so as with any purchase you'd make just be mindful the care it's received.

Bold plants look sensational, treat yourself and your home

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