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Cherry Blossom Showers

An annual treat for the senses

The flowering of Cherry blossom begins earlier in the warmer south of the country and slowly tracks northwards -depending on where you live in the UK you may have seen all the cherry blossoms fall from the trees or still be enjoying the stunning sights provided by the sudden eruption of a haze of pink and white petals, buzzing with bees cherry blossom is an annual treat for the senses.

For a short time regions are awash with cherry blossom. From wild cherries in spinneys to extravagant garden displays.

Whilst we love them in the UK, nowhere is cherry blossom more revered than in Japan, where sakura, as it is known there, is a symbol of the transience of life.

The Japanese have always taken cherry blossom very seriously. It began in the eighth century when Emperors would gather beneath a tree to celebrate its blossom. Today there's still a great interest in 'flower viewing" The advent of the blossom is marked with a festival known as hanami (cherry blossom viewing), where family and friends put blue tarpaulins under the blossoming trees and come together to eat, drink and worship the prunus, the latin name and Genus of cherry blossom.

Regardless of what part of the country, or world for that matter you are in, the flowering of cherry blossom is a brief moment in the year, we should grasp it with both hands, for soon there'll be nothing left but scattered petals lying like spilt confetti.

Although the falling of the cherry blossom petals is a special occasion too, In Japan this is celebrated and captured every spring, this image is by photographer Danilo Dungo, he and many other spend time at Inokashira Park in Tokyo, famous for its abundance of blooming cherry trees, they capture the event of the falling petals from all angles, especially with aerial shots that show the pink flowers covering the nearby lake.
Cherry blossoms are not only to be enjoyed outside, but cut cherry blossoms are available as a cut flower although again for a short time, look out for them in your local professional florist early next spring, they are available February – March (depending on the weather of that year).

Cherry Blossom Showers
An annual treat for the senses

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