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If you think they're old hat - you couldn't be more wrong!

Chrysanthemums are one of the most widely know flowers, sometimes for the wrong reasons! Some people love them but others do hate them, they can be seen as old fashioned and, well just not very current or exciting.

We think differently and promise you that Chrysanthemums can be just as funky, modern, elegant, country, colourful, sleek, and tasteful as any of their counterparts.

The fact is that there are 500 different varieties of Chrysanths available so it's all about the selection, the variety chosen and all importantly, what you do with them that counts!

This is why we're so confident that Chrysanths could look stunning in an sleek loftspace apartment or on a country cottage table, obviously the style of design and variety for each location would be quite different, but Chrysanthemums can easily fit the bill for both!

There is so much information about Chrysanths that we want to share with you! We've selected some that we think you'll enjoy....

The flower, which originates from China and Japan, has been incredibly popular in Asia for centuries. From around 1700 we could also enjoy this golden delight in Europe.

The chrysanthemum’s colours and shapes
The chrysanthemum’s name derives from the Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower). The flower’s original colour was gold, but there is now a very wide colour palette. Consumers can choose from gold, bronze or dark orange tones and shades of green are also very popular. Customers can also go for subtlety and calm with chrysanthemums in shades of white, pink or purple. As well as choosing the right colour, they also need to choose between the different varieties: spray, disbudded and Santini chrysanthemums. If that wasn’t choice enough, there are also many different flower shapes: from single to double flowered and from spider to pompom shaped.

Care tips
To enjoy their chrysanthemums for at least 2 to 3 weeks with the following tips.
• Select a clean vase and fill it with tap water at room temperature.
• Add cut flower food to the water for a longer vase life.
• Cut or trim the chrysanthemums’ stems diagonally by 3 to 5 cm with a sharp and clean knife or secateurs.
• Make sure there are no leaves hanging in the water.
• Do not place chrysanthemums in a draught, in full sun or near central heating.
• Regularly top the vase up with tap water.
• Don’t place chrysanthemums near a fruit bowl. Fruit emits ethylene gas which will cause the flowers to age more rapidly.

A fabulous bouquet with chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums like making friends. They are easy to combine with other fabulous flowers such as roses and anthuriums to create a cheerful and extravagant bouquet. You can make the overall effect more robust by placing it in a rugged pot. Show your customers how versatile this flower is!

Chrysanthemum symbolism
If you tell your customers about the chrysanthemum’s symbolism they will immediately be enthusiastic, since this stylish flower represents health and happiness. That makes this autumn flower an appropriately symbolic birthday present straightaway.

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If you think they're old hat - you couldn't be more wrong!

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