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Europa Cup Championships for Florists

Did you know that there is an International Floristry competition held once every 4 years called the Europa Cup?

The worlds very best Florists are chosen to represent their country and go head to head in two days of gruelling competition work. The designs they create will be unlike you’d see in everyday homes (yet) contestants push the boundaries of innovation and designs, but always with respect for the plant material and mindful of the judging criteria in the 7 designs they produce.

April 7 – 9th 2016 sees this International championship being held in Genoa, Italy. Organised by Florint the International Florist Organisation this will be an event like no other!

Competitions are the places where design boundaries can be pushed to the extreme, ideas can run wild and new techniques and concepts created, they forward the floristry world keeping us constantly progressing, moving us into the next trends and keeping us at the cutting edge of innovation.

The Europa Cup Championships are a comparison in skills, craftsmanship and creativity between florists from different countries - this year 23 countries are represented from Europe and beyond, each with their chosen competitor that often have gone through national competitions.

Needless to say the eyes of the floristry world are on these championships with thousands making the trip to Genoa to see it first hand and be part of this extraordinary event with an atmosphere that is palpable.

Many comparisons can be drawn between competitions and high-end haute couture catwalk fashion shows, designs or outfits can seem over the top, uncommercial and not for the 'everyday' or 'everyman' however, just as you see with outlandish outfits, ideas are paired back, they filter down onto the high streets and into outfits - this is just the same as competition work.

Florists really are the experts in what we do - designs created by florists can rarely be equalled by other 'flower sellers'. Florists sometimes battle against the perception that floristry is easy, that it’s not a challenging profession, we promise you this isn’t the case, the competitors of Europa cup are testament to this, Florist’s really do mean business! If you want something out of the ordinary just ask your local BFA florist – we love to be challenged!

Did you know that there is an International Floristry competition held once every 4 years called the Europa Cup?

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