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Flowers of an epic proportion: flowers take over Trafalgar Square

Life imitates art

A giant floral installation to celebrate the inspiration behind Dutch artists’ still life floral masterpieces with real flowers is currently wowing visitors to the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square.

This sensational floral display of epic proportions is visible from almost anywhere in Trafalgar Square.

A 35-square metre living painting is on display on the gallery’s West lawn.

Made using 26,430 real cut flowers, it was commissioned to celebrate’s support of the Dutch Flowers exhibition at the National Gallery that runs until 29 August 2016.The larger-than-life art installation stands 6.2 metres tall by 4.6 metres wide, it was a combined effort of almost 30 florists working over 2 days in an off site location using seasonal flowers.

The giant installation was erected before sunrise on Thursday 2nd June, watch the short video below to see it all come together - a fascinating insight into this incredible installation the likes of which may never be seen again!

The floral masterpiece will be on display outside the National Gallery from Thursday 2nd until Monday 6th June and is a feat of nature as well as engineering:

  • The structure weighs 1,815 kilograms

  • It is made using 100 blocks of Oasis florist’s foam with 26,430  stems of 26 different varieties. 37 different colours were used to create depth and shading

  • The large structure even has a built-in water irrigation system to keep the blooms fresh

  • Flowers being used include 6 tulip varieties, 4 varieties of peonies, 3 varieties of carnations, 6 varieties of freesias, 6 varieties of calla lily, and 5 varieties of roses, Orion Thistle, Scabious Stellata, Brown

  • Over the course of the five days, the flowers will be replenished twice bringing the total number of blooms to 52,950

  • The complete installation stands 8.2 metres from the ground; about same height as two average London double decker buses

We at the BFA were sworn to secrecy when approched about the project and were pleased to have florists involved with the project. Hot of the heals of their RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the Year Competition at the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show last week we had a group of youngsters back in London working on this once in a lifetime project.

Do take the opportunity to see this breath-taking whilst it's there we're sure you'll be impressed!

This just goes to show what British Florists can do, we appreciate you probably won't want anything quite so large for yourself, but don't forget BFA professional florist are there to assist you with not only gift but your everyday flower needs, when was the last time you frequented yours?

 flowers take over Trafalgar Square thanks to
Life imitates art

HELLO there!

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