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Poinsettia - Bringing Christmas to Life

Keeping your Poinsettia Blooming

Poinsettias are often seen as the plant that signifies Christmas. For many years now this cheery plant that is widely available over Christmas at many different outlets has been brightening up the festive home however, poinsettias do hate a chill, when making your purchase do take a look at where they have been situated - might they have got a draft? The range of colours poinsettias are available in is quite fantastic, not only the traditional red, but a deep burgundy, white, cream, salmon pink, even a marble effect bract to name a few. Poinsettias are often disposed of once they start to fade, but did you know that but with a little care, you can keep them all year and the bracts will colour up again the following year, so your poinsettia can be for all year, not just for Christmas! Poinsettias need bright, but filtered light, away from strong sun and draughts. They need a minimum temperature of 13-15°C (55-59°F). Be careful when transporting poinsettias from the shop to your home in the winter, as mentioned the cold temperatures can damage the plant. Always ask if the shop can wrap the plant in paper right around the top of the foliage, or put it in a plastic bag so that it is completely protected. Sometimes a poinsettia will start wilting once you get it home, and continue to deteriorate, no matter what you do. This could be due to the plant having been stored in cold conditions in the shop before you bought it. Unfortunately there is little you can do about this. Buying plants from reputable suppliers is recommended, your BFA expert florists will be fully aware of this and will have cared for the plants you buy very well. Water poinsettias sparingly as overwatering can damage plants. As a rule of thumb, only water when the surface of the compost has begun to dry out. The flowering life of plants can be extended by humidity, so mist plants regularly.

Image: Stars for Europe. Photographer: Julian Winslow
Keeping your Poinsettia Blooming

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