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Keep Your Broken Heads

Waste not want not.

Don't you just hate it when you've unwrapped your beautiful Poinsettia and somehow managed to snap of one of the bracts? Well we've got a great tip here that saves you from throwing the broken branches away. Most of you don't know this interesting little fact but a Poinsettia branch is just as happy in a vase of water or some floral foam as well as being on the stem on which it was grown. They're a very delicate plant which needs a lot of TLC and gentle handling to avoid branches breaking off. But no matter how careful you are there's always that one branch that you manage to snap whilst removing the wrapping from the plant. Why not use that broken branches in a vase of water or a floral arrangement in florist foam. When using the branches like this you must make sure that you cut the stem at a nice sharp angle before placing it in the vase or foam, this gives the flower the maximum surface area for the uptake of water (a good rule of thumb for all cut flowers). If you have some flower food to hand, this would be a welcome addition to ensure your Poinsettia branches last even longer.

Keep poinsettia heads
Waste not want not.

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