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Seasonal Winter Flowers

Here are some great favourites

Here's a quick look at a selection of plant materials that give a winter feel. Some winter firm favourites and other more unusual varieties.

From left to right

• Ilex - Leafless holly! Ilex is the genus of all holly that you're so familiar with.

• Eryngium - usually called thistles by many consumers, but now you know 'Eryngium'

• Viburnum dentatum - Viburnum is a giant family, with many different type of berry, including a very similar Viburnum Tynus but they have a reflective quality to them hence their common name of aluminium berry

• Jatropha - also known by the common name of firecracker flower due to it's sparky red form.

• Euphorbia - Another big, big family which includes the other Christmas must have flower the poinsettia who's latin name is Euphorbia pulcherrima

• Anemone - white Anemone as pictured here back a beautiful addition to a winter flower selection.

• Bouvardia - lovely as an addition for a winter display, but it like to be kept from getting chilly, not just being kept away from drafts, which applies for all flowers, but temperatures that are too cool!

• Hypericum - available year round but these berries that come in green, brown and shades of orange too are just idea for winter

• Hyacinths - beautiful to grown as from bulbs whether in the home or garden, but stunning as a cut flower too, you'd be hard pushed to find a more fragrant flower.

• Eryngium - as can be seen from the two different varieties pictured here they come in different sizes and blue and almost a silver tone, stunning with whites, or soft pinks or apricots, a touch of silver or champagne materials are a perfect friend too.

• Hypericum - again another variety which illustrates some of the range available.

Visit your local BFA florist for a great selection of flowers that will liven up your winter

Also don't forget what wonder presents flower from your local professional florist make. The ideal Gift to give the person that has everything. Your florist will create them just how you wish and hand deliver them directly to your friends and family members.

Winter Favourites
Here are some great favourites

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