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The Colourful Calla

Stylish but Natural

‘Because of their unique appearance and intense colours, every Calla is one of a kind. When combined with other flowers it is simply not possible to ignore their dominant splendour.’

They're in season now and well worth locating in your local professional BFA florist, do ask if you can't see them available they'll be able to easily get them in for you and what an addition they'll make to your home, or a friends if they're to be given as a gift.

Taking a look at just this one design ideas, you can see they are so flexible they can be easily bent and curved, although they will stand proudly upright showing off their elegant stem too. With just a few stems you can make a real master piece of a floral design.

Look them up - we know you'll love them

Speak to your local florist about the varieties and colours they can get for you if you find they don't have them in stock already.

The Colourful Calla
Stylish but Natural

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