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The Glorious Gladiolus

Fun facts that we bet you didn't know

The gladiolus season here this glorious flower certainly demands attention! It's splendid and enrapturing not to mention robust.

Did you know?
This summer bloomer, which originates from Africa, was loved for its roasted root, yes that's right... How delicious - a gladiolus root! The version we have nowadays is not edible but is a delight for the eye nevertheless.

The gladiolus offers a double treat: flowers in beautiful bright colours, fantastic petals or bicoloured blends bloom on both sides of the long stem. The flowers come in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream and innumerable combinations of colour per flower. There are both single flowered and double flowered varieties.
This floral hero rises high from late spring until deep in the autumn.

Gladiolus symbolism
The gladiolus has an extremely heroic meaning. The name comes from the Latin ‘gladius’, which means sword, referring to the sword-shaped leaves. The flower symbolises strength, victory and pride and that meaning dates all the way back to Roman times, when gladiators in the arena literally fought to the death. When a gladiator won, he was showered in gladioli. Even today, cycle racing has the phrase ‘to the death or to the gladioli’ and participants in walking events are presented with gladioli at the finish line. Luckily we no longer need to take the first part of the phrase literally!

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Fun facts that we bet you didn't know

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