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Valentines Roses - Here's How to Choose Yours

Valentines Day 14th February

Choosing the right Rose for your loved one on Valentines Day is difficult, we know. You might have peeked into a florist on Valentine’s Day and seen one single Rose stem for £5. Then you've turned on your TV and seen an advert for a dozen supermarket roses priced at £5. What’s all that about?

Let us explain. It’s like when you buy clothes. You might want something cheap; it isn't made particularly well, but that doesn't matter as you only want to wear it a couple of times. Or you might want something more classic, that will last longer, and that you can tell is made from better fabric. Right at this very moment there are dozens of varieties of red Roses available to buy as cut flowers. (One company alone offers 11 different types.) Florists, supermarkets, street stalls and online companies can’t sell every variety - so they choose two, three or maybe four key varieties. The varieties they choose, depends on type of business they are.

Customers that use an independent florist shop want high quality, long lasting flowers with good long straight stems and a strong red colour. Something classic and well-made, if you like. For many florists the Rose of choice has been 'Freedom'. Chosen by many as this rose is a classic Valentine’s florist rose. It’s a real cracker, has a rich scarlet red colour - like a soldier's uniform. 'Freedom' looks very vibrant and lasts incredibly well. Many also carry Red Naomi which has a very large flower head with a beautiful shape the nature of the rose make it appear open even when very fresh with lots of well-formed petals. It has a rich red colour and the petal have an almost velvet like appearance, this variety is also popular with some customers.

The cheapest roses you will see are often half the length, and the flowers less than half the size. If you look at the flowers side by side, you can really see the difference in the number of petals, and often the richness of colour. The vase life can be affected sometimes too, because of the way they are grown. Another difference in price is down to presentation. Your BFA florist will carefully wrap and package all their Valentine flowers – even if you buy a single rose stem, it will come gift wrapped. We don’t just pop a bunch of flowers in a cellophane sleeve and stick a price tag on!

So if you want to see what a high quality valentine rose looks like, search for your nearest BFA florist in the 'Find a Florist' bar and come along to the shop where the BFA member will be happy to show you the difference.

Valentine Roses
Valentines Day 14th February

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