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Father's Day Flowers

Flowers can make the perfect gift for men!

The likely hood is that flowers wouldn't be your first choice for a father's day gift, or be more generally flowers probably wouldn't be a purchase you make for men at all?

However, time and time again we're told by men they do like to receive flowers! So with father's day around the corner is it time to reconsider avoiding flowers as a gift?

The thing with flowers is the selection available is extraordinary, the design styles are countless, add so the variation of designs that can be made by a professional florist is quite literally endless.

You will have seen yourself numerous different themes of designs, often without even realising it; An English romantic design, classical arrangements, modern and quirky, care-free countryside designs, wild and rustic, now these be right for a man....

So what flowers are suitable for men, well that very much depends on the man, but if you want to play it safe stick with something Masculine. This can be achieved either with the flowers themselves - tropical flowers are good for this; Strelitzia (birds of paradise), Heleconia, Anthuriums, Protea and Cymbidium Orchids - As shown in the bouquet pictured here, that's just to naming a few tropical flowers which are all very bold and would make a good choice.

However bold colours can also make for a very masculine design and with the added flair of a good florist a striking design can be made either as an arrangement or a bouquet. Trust your local professional florist, chat with them and let them work their magic, you'll be surprised at what amazing creations can be made.

With all that said, as ever the choice of flowers can come down to personal taste -

Would they like the sleek and streamlined approach - If they love a minimalistic clean look, having a mass of just one type of flowers might be right up their street... this doesn't need to be boring - far from it. Speak with your florist, a vase of longiflorum lillies and steel grass would wow, or Gerbera with some unusual foliage, or Alstroemeria with contorted decorative branches?

Are they more of a garden and nature lover? Do they appreciate more muted colours, love textures and toil over the garden, enjoying the flowers that herald summer? - A beautiful bouquet with an array of specially selected choice flowers incorporating elements that would give it that manly twist selection might be just the thing.

For a sophisticated classical look you can't beat all white and green, or a mixed bouquet selecting just one colour flowers combination is always special, but the crispness of a design of whites is always something to behold and I'm sure something that would be to many men's tastes.

Here’s just a few ideas but we think you’ll be surprised at just how well they’ll be received.

Don’t forget you can use our ‘Find a Florist’ tool at the top of the page to find a florist that can deliver flowers to your dad this Father’s Day.

Robert Downey Jr. pleased with his flowers!
Flowers can make the perfect gift for men!

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