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With BFA Membership you are entitled to discount of 20% off your first years membership with Fair flowers fair plants, however additional will also receive discounts of 10% – This exclusive discount is for BFA members only, so now you’ll enjoy better savings and give your business a competitive edge against non BFA members!


More information can be found on the Fair Flowers Fair Plants website www.fairflowersfairplants.com however, to claim the BFA membership discount contact FFFP directly, they have a list of all current BFA members and will be pleased to process your application and apply the discount – Please see the contact details below.


Fair Flowers Fair Plants is an independent foundation established to create a global social and environmental standard for flowers and plants. The International floriculture sector collaborates with human rights and environmental organisations and the International trade union movement in this regard.

MPS  are responsible for the marketing and operational activities for the consumer label, in collaboration with the FFP Foundation. Their combined ambition is to position Fair Flowers Fair Plants in the market to ensure that growers, wholesalers and retailers will all benefit through their positions as sustainable operators. The aim is to ensure that the label ultimately creates more demand for Fair Flowers Fair Plants products. 

Management with an international flavour – The management team at Fair Flowers Fair Plants reflects the international nature of this initiative as it is made up of representatives from organisations involved from northern and southern countries. Management represents: 
• growers 
• traders 
• human rights and environmental organisations 
• unions 


Make a difference with your customers

Consumer are increasingly deliberately choosing honest products cultivated with respect for the population and the environment and that is very understandable.   To be able to excel in today’s market you need to be a business that can stand out from the rest, by excelling in the field of sustainability, with the assistance of the information provided from Fair Flowers Fair Plants and their clear label  you can show your businesses awareness and concern towards social and environmental sustainability and generate additional sales, you then also provide a contribution to a better world yourself. 

Wide range 

Flowers and plants that bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants mark have been grown with respect for people and the environment. Participating nurseries are in compliance with international standards. Because an increasing number of growers recognise the added value of certification, the range of Fair Flowers Fair Plants products available is ever increasing. You can stay updated with the latest range available by receiving a monthly participants list. You can also see a complete overview of the current range of cut flowers and the current range of pot plants online on the FFFP website.

Traceable flowers and plants 

Fair Flowers Fair Plants is more than just a mark. The label also contains a unique code through which flowers and plants are traceable, this type of information is superb to pass on to the consumer.  Providing consumers with the origin and growing methods of the flowers they are buying expresses the professionalism and expertise your business has.

The Fair Flowers Fair Plants Mark 

If you invest in Fair Flowers Fair Plants you can benefit by showing your clients that you trade in fair flowers and plants. You can do this by for instance labelling final products that are ready for consumers and came from Fair Flowers Fair Plants growers. You can apply for a separate license for this purpose. Make sure to always include the Fair Flowers Fair Plants characteristics as “certificate” when you provide information about your range and transactions, e.g. in your online store and on your invoices. 


You can participate as a Florist retailer in Fair Flowers Fair Plants if your company: 
• is registered with Fair Flowers Fair Plants and you have accepted the conditions for participation; 
• attaches numbered Fair Flowers Fair Plants consumer labels to products that are linked to the point of sale (to every bunch of flowers and every plant); 
• actively uses Fair Flowers Fair Plants promotional material in the shop and in your communications; 
• can prove from which supplier, the fair flowers and fair plants that are offered for sale, have been purchased; 
• provides full cooperation during inspections. 

General information 
• All participating retailers receive a Fair Flowers Fair Plants promotional package to help them inform their consumers. 
• Numbered Fair Flowers Fair Plants consumer labels are attached to products as a guarantee for consumers. 
• It is also allowed to mix Fair Flowers Fair Plants products and then sell them as FFP products, provided that more than 80% of the processed products, within a final product that is ready for consumers, are purchased with the Fair Flowers Fair Plants characteristic from a Fair Flowers Fair Plants registered supplier. 
• Checks on compliance with the conditions are unannounced through the cooperation of “mystery shoppers” or independent organisations. 
• Participants are listed on the website of Fair Flowers Fair Plants, with the option to add relevant company information. 
• In the event of non-compliance to the rules, as established in the conditions, a penalty system is in place. A transgression can also lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from participation in Fair Flowers Fair Plants. 


Tel: 0031 174 615 707

Email: info@fairflowersfairplants.com

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