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With BFA Membership you are entitled to exclusive discounted rates of an incredible 50% off the first six months with Floral Frog, and a further ongoing discount of 25%. This means in the first 12 month alone you can make huge savings of over £175.00. If you’re not sure how Floral frog will benefit your business you can enjoy a non-obligation 30-day free trial. Another opportunity to enjoy better savings and give your business a competitive edge over those of non BFA members!


Simply contact Kim and Wayne at Floral Frog, call: 0203 005 5205  or email  info@floralfrog.com or via the contact form on their website www.floralfrog.com have your membership number to hand for verification.


Floral Frog was founded in 2016 by Kim and Wayne.  Kim brings over 15 years of floristry experience, whilst Wayne has over 20 years in IT.  This combination allowed them to develop a new cloud based florist software service packed full of features.  Being securely hosted in the cloud means you can access Floral Frog from anywhere at any time.  All you need is a PC/Apple Mac/iPad/Android tablet with a web browser.  We are continually working to improve the software with new features whilst keeping it simple and user friendly and most importantly, affordably priced.

Savings in detail

  • First 6 months: Usual monthly price £39.99 per month. BFA Member price: £19.99 per month. Savings of: £20.00 per month 50% discount
  • On going for the duration of your BFA Membership: Usual monthly price £39.99 per month. BFA Member price: £29.99 per month. Savings of: £10.00 per month 25% discount.



Our flagship EPOS system which is iPad based and in the cloud.  FrogPOS is easy-to-use and integrated with SumUp payments and mPOP all-in-one cash register providing you a one-stop-shop for all your payment processing and sales accounting.

Order Management

A simple 4-step process with integrated card payments allowing you to easily manage all your flower orders.

Delivery Management – delivery lists are automatically generated for your orders.  More importantly it will arrange all your deliveries in the most optimally routed way saving time and money on your delivery costs.  This is an invaluable feature during Valentines and Mother’s Day.


We have simple book keeping integrated with Floral Frog which also allows you to automatically calculate your VAT returns.  We have integrated with QuickBooks online for those who require full accounting packages. We are also working on integration with other accounting providers.

My Office Module

Our centralised calendar provides an instant overview on all orders, deliveries, collections, appointments and tasks.  We have provided an integrated business email option, centralised contacts and a document library for all your important business documents.

Dashboard Analytics & Reporting

Gain an insight into your business performance with dashboards on sales, expenditure and order volumes.  You can see what is the most popular flower, or product along with the capability of generating reports on all business performance metrics.

Flower Library

We have provided a comprehensive flower library to give you instant knowledge at your fingertips.  Link individual flowers from our library with your products and use our stem count feature saving you time on working out what flowers you require to fulfil orders.


Web: www.floralfrog.com
Tel: 0203 005 5205
Email:  info@floralfrog.com
Business Hours – Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

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