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With BFA Membership you are entitled to a whopping 50% discount off set up fees – this is only for BFA members, so now you’ll enjoy better savings and give your business a competitive edge than those of non BFA members!


To claim your whopping 50% discount off the set up fees for Florist Pro ask them before you sign up with them.  They’ll request your membership number, which you’ll be able to find on your membership card, once this verification has been approved your £50 discount will be applied.

FloristPro create personal user friendly web sites just for florists, allowing you to trade online as well as modify your own product and site content.

As a unique bunch of IT and floristry specialists they understand the specific needs of florists online.
They have designed websites for over 600 florists – from small online retailers to industry award winning designers. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, if you have a seed of an idea or a business in bloom – They make sure you have a website right for you.

Your website is a reflection of you and your business. Using your colour scheme, logo and design, floristPro create and build your new online shopping website.
Customers can purchase your bouquets and gifts online with secure online ecommerce with payments direct into your own bank account.
Your website will have its own administration section giving you control of your own website.

There pricing is simple, structured and clear.  With no hidden charges you will know from the outset exactly what you are paying and when. 
Whether you require a full shopping website, logo design or our access to purchase our exclusive Image Collections our low setup fee of £99.95 is a great place to start.  
Open your shop doors wider today with a full ecommerce website.

To view samples of their website CLICK HERE


Telephone: 01903 773377
FloristPro Ltd
Allium House
35 Worthing Road
East Preston
West Sussex
BN16 1BQ

To Book a Free Demonstration CLICK HERE

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