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This has to be one of the most essential benefits for members!  If you have staff you’ll be only too aware that you have to satisfy many obligations under employment law, such as the need to provide all staff with a written statement of particulars (contract of employment) within two months of their start date, as well as an employment handbook that covers all statutory policies and procedures.  

It is equally as important to keep everything updated either as legislation changes or as changes in your business affect your responsibilities as an employer.  

BFA Membership gives you heavily discounted access to valuable resources through HR:4UK allowing you to relax with complete peace of mind that everything is covered.  Every member is also entitled to a FREE 15 MINUTE ADVICE call!  


To claim your discount with HR4UK please quote your BFA membership number which you’ll be able to find on your membership card, once this verification has been instantly approved your discount will be applied


Running a business these days is not only about making a profit on sales but also about minimising expenses and guarding against unplanned expenditures.  We all hope it will never happen but without the right safeguards in place, staffing is an area where unexpected costs can easily occur.

Every employee has certain statutory rights and if there is ever a dispute, being able to evidence conclusively that you have done what the law requires is the first part of protecting your business. 

How confident would you be (should ever be faced with the threat of an employment tribunal) that you could demonstrate both ‘procedural’ and ‘technical’ correctness?


Launched in 1980 and one of the UKs leading HR and employment specialists, HR:4UK have supported 1000’s of small business across the UK & NI and provide perhaps the only truly pro-active and complete service available.

Their team are made up of dedicated support staff, personnel advisors and employment-law solicitors (including one barrister).  They have a wide mix of skills but share two things in common; an understanding of the time pressures small and medium sized businesses face plus a passion for helping their clients run this area of their business efficiently and confidently.


Most business owners would agree that the most difficult part of ensuring compliance (in any area) is not the effort in reaching compliance, it is maintaining it.  With legislation constantly changing it is almost impossible to keep-up! 

HR:4UK not only produce all tailored terms of employment, but they maintain them on your behalf ensuring that all changes are seamlessly incorporated into your documentation without bothering you in the process. 

While everything can be printed in hard copy, there is no need to do so.  Staff can view the online handbook and see all policies from the convenience of their smartphone (or any device), as well as request a copy of their up-to-date contract which is automatically forwarded to their inbox.

HR:4UK introduced the first online software into the UK and their latest version eConnect can also help simplify many other areas of employee management.  It has been developed to enable future evolution such as absence management and a self-service holiday tracker.


Having immediate access to advice whenever it is needed is possibly one of the things that members value most about this benefit.  Access can be either by telephone or email and an out of hours service means that help is on hand any day of the week.

Some of the areas members need help with include:

  • Poor Performance
  • Capability
  • Absenteeism
  • Recruitment
  • Disciplinary or Grievance
  • Company Procedures
  • Workplace Pensions
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Sickness Management
  • Incentives & Rewards
  • Appraisals
  • Maternity / Paternity
  • Training
  • Flexible Working requests
  • Parental (or Shared Parental) Leave


  • Hands-on Consultancy
    • Assistance in person for any HR matter
  • Payroll Bureau
    • A complete payroll service
  • Workplace Pensions
    • Set-up and/or administration of your workplace pension
  • Employee Benefits
    • A wide range of employee incentives and rewards
  • Health & Safety
    • Production of policy
    • Inspection and audits

Visit their dedicated webpage and find out more.

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